Dropbox, Edmodo, Google hangout, oh my!

Week Four Essential Question:  How can I use tools “in the cloud” to easily manage and deliver feedback to my students?

This week I learned how to create a shared folder in Dropbox.  I tried it out by creating a shared folder for our Middle School Math group, and I successfully invited some people in my PLN to join the folder.  I posted a simple Word document there explaining that the folder was a place where students could post their work and a place where I could post handouts and other resources for them.

I like the fact that Dropbox automatically syncs to all of your devices.  Everyone– teachers, students, and parents, can access information conveniently any time they can connect to the internet, and everything will always be in its most updated form.

I also learned how to create quizzes in Edmodo.  I created three quizzes to help students practice the multiplication facts for sixes, sevens, and eights.  Each quiz has 19 facts and a two-minute time limit.  I love that the quiz is automatically scored and students can immediately see their score and the correct and incorrect answers.  It is so easy to assign the quizzes, and I can choose to assign a quiz to the whole class or to any subset I choose, so it would be very easy to give kids extra practice if they need it or give them a new challenge as soon as they are ready. Edmodo also lets me track my students’ scores in an online gradebook.  (I have always been terrible about getting grades entered into a paper gradebook, so this tool was obviously designed for me!)

I would like to spend some more time exploring Dropbox (and Dropvox) and Edmodo as tools for managing and delivering feedback to students.

I would like to take the challenge and create a video tutorial to show how I made the quizzes in Edmodo, so I am looking into what to use to create a screen capture video.

I’ve been learning from Dr. Graham’s video tutorials, the Edmodo Help Center, and some good articles I found through Google searches.  Thanks to a quick response from Tracie during the Twitter chat, I now know how to create and add to lists in my diigo library, so I’m getting more organized there.  Speaking of Tracie, her video tour is simply amazing.  I want to be a student in her class!  http://weiszdiff.blogspot.com/

I think our Middle School Math wiki page is coming together.  Jason, Chancy, and I have been communicating through a combination of e-mail and Wiggio, and we’ve each been spending some time adding to and refining our wiki page.  I added a Survey Monkey math attitudes survey; I need to add a lesson plan to go with it.  I’m working on how to incorporate my Edmodo quizzes for formative assessment; I hope I can create the video tutorial.

Chip and Colin showed my how to do a Google hangout, and we’re exploring some cool ideas for our simulation space.  Minecraft and frozen landslides! http://www.adn.com/2012/12/01/2710503/frozen-landslide-threatens-to.html

And just for fun, I’ve added a math boot camp page to my new Pinterest account.  My favorite pin so far is this Einstein quote:  “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”  That’s a pretty good argument for identifying your learners.  (Some day I’ll get past week one… maybe before the end of the semester!)

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3 Responses to Dropbox, Edmodo, Google hangout, oh my!

  1. I recently learned about “screen-cast o-matic” from dr. Lee and now I record all of my math lessons. I put the videos on my website and assign their viewing as homework for those students who were absent or pulled out for tutoring. It worked so well at I started to pay for the service. The service is all on line but they also have software that can be downloaded from the site. Recording the lessons while using a smart board allows for more fluid instruction because I can literally write on the screen while I’m recording. It kinds of turns into a khan academy style video tutorial.

  2. Chancy Zahrt says:

    Thats a great tool In Edmodo, talk about a quick formative or summative online assessment. Doing the quizes on a daily basis would really show the progress. I’m excited to see what you come up with for simulation space.

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